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Forever New - Fabric Care Wash (Liquid or Powder)

USD $12.75
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Product Description


Forever New Powder:
A pure, organic and biodegradeable fabric care wash, formulated to gently clean, brighten and promote longer life in all fine washables. It safely cleans lingerie, hosiery, swimwear, silks, woolens, baby clothes and other colorfast delicates. The natural base of citrics and sodas cleans then rinses completely from the fabric leaving no soap residues to damage thread fibers. During the drying process, either machine or hang dry, oily residue from soap dries on fabrics and even more importantly, the elastic in a garment. This residue deteriorates the fibers and causes a garment to lose its life and newness. With Forever New there is no residual residue, fiber-flex is preserved and elasticity is maintained allowing all fine garments to look new longer. Forever New is non toxic, biodegradable and is not tested on animals.


Forever New Liquid:
Forever New Liquid is safe, effective and gentle to prolong the life of new garments and can restore some older garments.

Forever New Liquid is a blend of citrus and sodas specifically formulated to gently clean, brighten, and promote longer life for your washables. The natural base gently cleans, then rinses completely from the fabric, leaving no residue to damage the fibers of the fabric and is suited perfectly for sensitive skin.

You will love the original scent. It will remove body oils and perspiration and some of what other products have previously left in the fibers. Forever New Liquid is safe on colorfast garments, but always test for colorfastness in a small inconspicuous area if you are unsure.

Suggested Amounts: For a regular machine use 1/4 cup for a normal size load and 1/8 cup for HE machines. For hand washing use about 2 tbsp in a basin of cool water, soak and agitate garments for three minutes, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and air dry. Our products are low suds, so lots of bubbles may mean you are using too much.


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