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Using the Comments Section of Checkout

Hi All,

Please don't be afraid to add comments to an order when you are checking out.

If you need an order by a certain date, please mention that in the Comments! If we can't make the date, we will contact you via email to discuss options.

If you have any information that will help us fill your order accurately that isn't in the address or delivery info otherwise, please add it here.

We especially need the mention if you are exchanging or replacing an order within the 30 days allowed so that we can give you the free shipping we promise.

Thanks so much and thank you for being our customer!

Back Orders

Hey Everyone, Today I had a great question regarding back orders. The customer was unclear about being charged for an item that Jess & Jane couldn't supply right away.Hi Sandra,You will get your back order as soon as Jess & Jane can supply it.We only charge you when we ship and will only charge you for [...]

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What is a Preorder?

For a couple of months in the fall and again in the spring, we show you the styles that will be produced in the coming months for the next season. In this case, for Spring 2018.Store buyers are busy locking in how many of each they want for their stores. In some cases all are [...]

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Partial shipment from Jess and Jane

Partial Shipments! Why do they happen? It's a good question and one I hear often. About four times a year, Jess and Jane comes out with new groups of styles for the upcoming season. We never know which styles are finished and which are still in sewing or other steps of production. Jess and Jane [...]

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Customer asks: Why is my order taking so long? What does it mean Awaiting Fulfillment?

This is a question that I'm sure many have wondered about. We're so glad you asked.At the top of the checkout page in red, it says to allow 7-17 days before we ship to you. The reason for that is that we don't stock this all here. Two – three times a week we bulk [...]

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Customer asks: What's the difference between the Tribal Fits?

Hi Everyone,ML had a great question that you might like to know about as well.hi....I spoke to u last week about lulu b no longer available. now I am addicted to tribal line. I currently have 2 pairs and I must admit I like them better than lulu.I have a question about "fit"...what is [...]

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