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Posted by Linda Schnabel on

Partial shipment from Jess and Jane

Partial Shipments! Why do they happen?

It's a good question and one I hear often.

About four times a year, Jess and Jane comes out with new groups of styles for the upcoming season. We never know which styles are finished and which are still in sewing or other steps of production.

Jess and Jane ships us the styles as they are finished and sometimes that's only part of your order.

I monitor those orders on a weekly basis, checking in with Jess and Jane and requesting they send backorders.

Sometimes it takes just a week, but it can be several.

Please know that your order is not forgotten or lost. We'll ship to you as soon as the items become available.

If we find out that something has been discontinued and will not be coming your way, I will send you an email. We charge you only for what has been shipped.

Thank you for your understanding!


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